Hello and welcome to my web-site and thanks for taking the time to come along.

May I introduce myself. I have been a birder since my early teens, when my old man gave me ‘The Observers Book of British Birds’. I soon moved on to the Collins Field Guide but I have been hooked ever since and that was over 50 years ago.

Of late, 4 years ago, I have weaned myself off the need to tick away and have taken up bird photography. I’m hooked.

So what you see on this web-site is my evolving collection of photos from recent wanderings. I am trying to take photographs which have a little wow factor and not just another ‘bird on a stick’.

I would like to reassure those who might have a concern. I do my best to abide by the laws that relate to disturbing bird species listed under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

May I also thank a very good friend, Mike Crutch (www.A9birds.com) in his companionship and as a mentor in slowly honing my digital photography skills. He has great patience.

Finally all these photographs are covered by copyright so please do not take a copy. On the more recent photographs you will notice that I have included the copyright symbol. Should you want a copy then please ask and I will be delighted to supply, for a small fee.


Please take a look at some of my favorite shots below.

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