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My camera equipment would be regarded as the minimum needed I guess but I’m reluctant to get on that treadmill of incremental but constant equipment improvement, although perhaps I should not rule out further upgrades.

I was sitting in a hide about 4 years ago and I got chatting to a professional photographer (ex BBC). I said I was about to embark on bird photography as a hobby as I was approaching retirement age. So my question was ‘what camera manufacturer should I opt for?’ He was bedecked in Canon but surprisingly said if he were starting afresh then Canon would not necessarily be his choice.

This advice chimed with a few others and so I opted for Nikon. After a few upgrades to both body and glass I now have a D7100 and my lens collection includes a Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 and a Nikkor 80-400 mm, F5.6 as well as a 1.4 convertor, though to be fair I rarely use the convertor.

Please feel free to contact me on brucekendrick58@gmail.com

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